Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Canary Hotel

Santa Barbara. Without. The. Kids.

Need I say more? Yes? Ok.

Our weekend in Santa Barbara was fantastic. Our actual anniversary isn't until the 27th but my mom and sister came out the week before to watch the kids so me and Tim could get away by ourselves. I'd say after the year we've had, we need it! This past deployment was much harder than the first one. I thought it would be easier since I knew what to expect. Wrong! And don't even get me started on the next one (which is slowly creeping up on us).

Needless to say, we totally enjoyed ourselves and lived like we had no kids. I won't go into detail, but there was much alcohol and (married) debauchery involved. Heehee.

Some wonderful relatives of ours, Bobbi and MaryEllen, had offered to use their timeshare to pay for our accommodations while we were there and we ended up staying at the Canary Hotel, which is a block away from State St. where all the action is. I had seen pictures of the rooms and decor and was probably looking forward to seeing the hotel the most. It's decorated with a Moroccan/Medditeranean feel...totally up my alley.

For starters, can we just talk about the bed...

I'm usually not a huge fan of canopy beds but this one was gorgeous! And super comfy. If I ever see one like it while out thrifting or at a yard sale, I might not be able to resist.
The entire room was just beautiful. All the details and accent furniture were so homey and relaxing. I had to talk myself out of swiping this table out of the room a few times:

LOVE the yellow.

Another thing I would've swiped...the light fixtures in the bathroom.

All the walls in all the hallways looked like this. This picture doesn't do the color of this grasscloth wallpaper justice. It was a beautiful turquoise color but there was no natural lighting at all and I did the best I could with my meager photography skills but you can't see the contrast between the wall art and the walls very well. Every time we left our hotel room I felt like we were in an art museum.

The outside of the hotel was just as breathtaking as the inside...

I could have taken dozens more pictures of all the details put into this hotel, it was that pretty! Tim kept giving me funny looks when I would take a picture of a piece of furniture or a panel of tile. He probably thought I was crazy but I just wanted to take lots of pictures so I could remember how amazing the hotel was. And who knows...someday when we finally get out of military housing and buy our own house I may look back at these pictures for decorating inspiration.

I can't possibly fit our entire trip into one post so I'll save the rest for later. Until next time!

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