Monday, September 12, 2011

I Heart Yard Sales

I was in yard sale heaven this weekend. Last minute, Friday night, me and two of my lovely neighbors decided to go to a huge rummage sale a local church was hosting. I've been wanting to go yard-saling for forever but in between taking care of small children and wanting to spend time with my husband, it never seems to happen. So when the topic was brought up I eagerly joined in and the plan was made.

And man, did I score big time!

The very first thing I saw when we arrived was this chair:
I've been waiting patiently to find a desk chair on the cheap for my craft desk that needs painting. I don't think you can beat $2!!! It was perfect and will be lovely when it's been re-upholstered and painted.

I spied two tables full of random linens next and found a near perfect lace tablecloth also for $2!
It has a few yellow spots which can easily be removed and is slightly too small for my table but I don't care...I love it!

These two pillowcases I thought would be cute for the girls' room someday:

I hit the motherload at one of the tables and got some bundles of super cute fabric:
Like I need more fabric, but I couldn't resist such a good deal.

The last three things I found cost me all of 85 cents:
I've been wanting a cloche since they are everywhere in blog-land and I found 2! The one with the marble cheese plate is super heavy and gorgeous. The one with the flower design is wood and plastic and will get painted and used for display. I grabbed the goblet because I loved the color and it was only ten cents!

The grand total for everything I bought was $15.25!! I'd say I got my money's worth!

How about you? Did you find any treasures this weekend?

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